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Hi people, my name is Anna and today I'm talking about my last summer vacations.
First I'll talk about my trips in the USA and the Italian Alps, and finally about the days in Calella de Palafrugell and in la Cerdanya.

When I just ended the summer I had ballet practice every afternoon because we were doing the ballet performance in a week. I was very busy so I didn't have time enough to begin the holidays.
The first of July I took a plane from the Barcelona Airport to Frankfurt and from Frankfurt to Washington DC (Dulles) to spend a month in the States. In Dulles, the Hammond's, my host familly, were wating for me with the other six host families in my groupmates. The Hammond's lived in a big house in Bristow, a little place in the state of Virginia. They had 4 children: Madeleine (8), Mathew (8), Ella (6) and Petter (4); and they also had a dog, a cat, a pair of guinea pigs and a bunch of fishes.
I started the stage with a big party: the 4th of July, what the americans call “the Independece day”. They celebrate it every year with fireworks, songs and a big bonfire, so that's exacly how I celebrated it.
I also went to a Camp called Rockbridge which was in West Virginia. It was incredible. I met lots of people there and it was one of the bests parts in the trip.
I spent the rest of the month with the Hammond's and some of the days meeting my groupmates.
Finally the 4th of August I took a plane from where I arrived to comeback home. It was a long journey that took me time enough to decide that one day I'll repeat this trip.

After a couple of weeks I went with my family to visit my Swiss cousins in Divonne. We did it as an excuse to spend a week in some of the most beautiful mountains in the world: the Italian Alps.
We went throught Suizerland, Austria and Italy by car and we had the oportunity to see the best ski places in Europe. The temperatures were cold so we had to put on winter clothes.
When we were driving back home we stopped in Monaco, where all the rich people go to share with the world their expensive cars, boats and purses. It was absolutly impressing!

Finally in Banyoles, I went to spend some days in Calella de Palafrugell with my friend Laura and we just did what everyone does on the beach.
I also went to spend a week in La Cerdanya to breath a little of fresh air before going back to school.

I had a busy summer but I really enjoyed it!



Laia: She started the summer with the spansish chapmpionship in Sevilla, then she went to Ireland to improve her english and finally she went to Llançà.

Lídia: She started the summer going to her sister's wedding, then she went to spend a month in San Diego and finally she went to Joventura

Àlex: He started the summer travelling to Iceland and when he came back he went to l'Estartit.

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