Thursday, February 26, 2015

Liam Hemsworth

Thanks to the Hunger Games films, LIam Hemsworth is now a big star. But Liam's family have also influenced his career...

Love before Hunger Games
Two years before Liam appeared in the first Hunger Games film, he was in The Las Song with Miley Cyrus. Liam and Miley's characters fall in love in the film, and the actors fell in love in real life too. Liam and Miley were a star couple until they separeted in 2003.

Work and play
You'll see Liam dressed in armour everywhere this month, to promote the third Hunger Games film, Mockingjay.
Liam adored making the film. The atmosphere on the film set was like being back in high school.
The actors had so much fun that, some days, it was impossible to do any work!

A big challenge
Hollllywood directors noticed Liam when he was Miley's boyfriend. He got offered the role of a lifetime: Gale Hawthore, Katniss' best friend, in The Hunger Games.
Suddenly, Liam became the idol of millions of fans. But he was faced with a challenge: playing Gale as readers had imagined him.

An Aussie accent
Gale is not Australian in the books, but Liam is from Melbourne, Australia, and has spent most of his life there. Before moving to the USA to get film roles, he appeared in some TV series. Liam's accent was fine for Australian TV, but he had to change it to play a citizen of Panem! It was not easy!

Brothers and rivals
Liam is the baby of the Hemsworth family. He has two elder brothers, Chris and Luke, and all three brothers are actors. Liam says that without them he wouldn't be an actor today. But, he also admits that there's rivalry in the family and, at times, this competition is difficult. For example, before Liam's Hunger Games succes, he auditioned to play Thor in the film Thor... but his brother Chris got the role!

A great future
There's a final instalment of the saga in 2015, before Liam says goodbye to Gale for ever. But with his fantastic CV, he's sure to continue being succesful. Liam is ready for new battles... the only danger is competition from his brothers!

Thursday, February 19, 2015

7. A short story: a surprise party

When I turned 15th my friends prepared me a surprise birthday party, and I had no idea about it.
The day before my 15th birthday I went to have lunch at my friend's house, and suddenly, when I finished eating, my mum called me to tell me that they were driving to Girona for some important shopping but she'd forgotten to give me keys and there wasn't anybody who could bring them to me. I got angry with her because that weekend I had a lot of school work. At about 6 o'clock my mum sent me a message saying that they were already at home, and when I arrived everything was full of balloons, food, "happy birthday" decorations, etc. My parents told me that I had an hour to get ready. When I came downstairs after an hour, all my friends were there singing "Happy birthday".

6. Last weekend

Last weekend I went to the city to visit my family.
We arrived to Madrid on Friday late night so we just went to bed as soon as we could.
On Saturday we had a big family dinner with all my cousins at my grandparents house and we spent all the day together.
On Sunday my aunt wanted to guide us through Madrid so that's what we did!

5. A new friend

Hi auntie,

How are you? I hope you're well. I'm writing to tell you about my new friend.
He's now in the city, and guess what, he's from Canada!
His name is Simon and he's my age. He's tall and he's got blond hair and blue eyes. Simon loves biking and snowboarding. When he has freee time he likes to take photos. He lives in a far, so he's got like 7 dogs living with him.
Lots of love,


4. Letter to a new friend (European project)

Hi Susan,

My name is Anna and I'm fifteen. I'm really glad you can come from Sweden to my house for two weeks.
I like skiing, dancing and going out with friends; and, I hate being stressed for school work.
I live in Banyoles, a town in the north-east of Spain, with my parents, my brother and my dog. My school, Escola Casa Nostra, is about 5 minutes by bike from home. I like all my teachers but I don't have a favourite one, neither a favourite subject.

See you soon. Love

3. A postcard

Hi family!

We're having a great holiday here in París
We're staying in a teenagers hostel from about 10 minutes from the Eiffel Tower. It's really comfortable and familiar. Only people between the age of 15 to 20 are allowed to sleep there and we do activities together every day.
Today we did an excursion to a beautiful lake and during the afternoon we went shopping around the centre. Tomorrow we're going to Disney Land!!


2. An invitation to a party


As you all know, next week I'm turning 17 and I want to celebrate it having a birthday party.
We will meet at my house at 8 p.m. We will have dinner and during the rest of the night we will dance till our legs fall exhausted.
We will be around 30 people so it would be great if you bring some beverages, nice clothes and a sleep bag with a pillow.
Hope you can come and see you soon!


Writing 4

Write about plans for a visit

Hi Marco
I'm just writing to check that everything's OK for your visit.

I think you'll like Banyoles. On Saturday morning we're doing a quickly tour with my best friend on foot because at 12:30 we are going to meet my family and cousins on the other side of the lake where we are going to do something really special that I can't tell you! We will probably end the activity around 16:00. During the afternoon I hope we can have a free time break and after that I've thought we could get a bus and go to the cinema.

On Sunday, we can go and visit Girona, where now there's a cain of fair and it's really nice. We can go for a walk around the city and have lunch there, there's a sushi restaurant you will love!

We're going to meet you at the bus station tomorrow, so can you remind me what time your train gets in?

Looking forward to seeing you.