Friday, May 15, 2015

My trip to Italy 2015

On the 9th of March, my classmates and I were going to our school trip to Italy to celebrate we were finishing teh ESO.
Everything was going on so well except that I was sick: On Saturday's night I started feeling bad and on Sunday's morning I was in high fever, the same as Monday's morning, when I had to leave. I decided that I couldn't stay home even though I was feeling really bad, and at 5:30 am I was in the bus with all my mates.
That Monday we took the plane from Barcelona to Milan. Once there, a bus drove us to Sirmione, a beautiful village next to the majestic Lago di Garda, where we ate a delicious pizza and did some tourism around the peninsula.
After an hour in the bus, we finally arrived to Verona, where our hotel was. We were supposed to visit the famous Arena in the afternoon, but I was feeling so sick that I had to stay in the hotel.

The second day we had the trip to Vencie so we got up before 7 o'clock. I spent a really bad night, so the journey was quite heavy for me. Venice is gorgeous! We visited the most important monuments like Piazza San Marco and Ponte de Rialtto. Venice has no cars in it so the best way to move around is on foot: we walked a lot around the city and also had the opportunity tot visit a famous Murano crristal factory.
While we were going back to Verona by train, we could see a beatiuful sunset by the sea.
Once in Verona, we went to have dinner in a centric restaurant and go for a walk after the meal. It was my firts time walking around those streets, because all I had seen since then was the hotel's bedroom.

The third day was the most calmed: we just took the bus to go to Firenze. The journey lasted all the morning, so we just had time to leave the luggage in the hotel and have lunch. In the afternoon we walked through some of the most famous places of Firenze like Piazza de la Signiora or the Ponte Veccio.
That day I started to feel better.

Thursday, the 4th day, was the heaviest. We did museums and spent all the day walking, we didn't have any other mean of transport. We also went on the top of Santa Maria del Fiore, where we could see all Firenze!
That afternoon all of us were exhausted and during the free time we couldn't go for a little rest in the hotel because we still had to do the shopping and get lost in the city... After dinner time, we all wanted to sleep, but the teachers made us go for a long walk around Firenze to say good bye, the next day we were leaving.

After a good sleep, we were ready to visit the last city, Pisa. All the morning was dedicated to tidy our rooms and prepare the bags, after that, we took the bus to Pisa, which arrived an hour late. Once in Pisa, we ate a delicious Lassagnia!
We all took the famous Pisa Tower picture and after we visited the Duomo and Baptisteri.
At 5 o'clock we were ready to go back to Florence and take the plane to come back home.

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