Thursday, May 14, 2015

Writing 8

A happy ending

Three years ago my family moved to Australia because of work. It was a really big change in my life, and as I was a teenager I was reveal against my parents and the rest of the people who tried to help me. I failed exams and my bad behavior made teachers get mad at me, I didn't want to make new friends so I got to spend a lot of time alone watching TV and doing nothing.

Everything changed for me the day I met my best friend, Paul. He was in the same situation as me but with a little difference: he wanted to rebuild his life in Australia. He spoke catalan, like me, so at first I was the only one that could help him as he didn't know any English, so that've made me get involved in the situation. I realised how easy things were if one is able to rebuild his life, and I just tried it too.

These days, I feel much happier and comfortable. Helping Paul made me feel more useful and sociable. Since I started helping I've sing up at many volunteer programs like the welkoming school crew.

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