Thursday, February 26, 2015

Liam Hemsworth

Thanks to the Hunger Games films, LIam Hemsworth is now a big star. But Liam's family have also influenced his career...

Love before Hunger Games
Two years before Liam appeared in the first Hunger Games film, he was in The Las Song with Miley Cyrus. Liam and Miley's characters fall in love in the film, and the actors fell in love in real life too. Liam and Miley were a star couple until they separeted in 2003.

Work and play
You'll see Liam dressed in armour everywhere this month, to promote the third Hunger Games film, Mockingjay.
Liam adored making the film. The atmosphere on the film set was like being back in high school.
The actors had so much fun that, some days, it was impossible to do any work!

A big challenge
Hollllywood directors noticed Liam when he was Miley's boyfriend. He got offered the role of a lifetime: Gale Hawthore, Katniss' best friend, in The Hunger Games.
Suddenly, Liam became the idol of millions of fans. But he was faced with a challenge: playing Gale as readers had imagined him.

An Aussie accent
Gale is not Australian in the books, but Liam is from Melbourne, Australia, and has spent most of his life there. Before moving to the USA to get film roles, he appeared in some TV series. Liam's accent was fine for Australian TV, but he had to change it to play a citizen of Panem! It was not easy!

Brothers and rivals
Liam is the baby of the Hemsworth family. He has two elder brothers, Chris and Luke, and all three brothers are actors. Liam says that without them he wouldn't be an actor today. But, he also admits that there's rivalry in the family and, at times, this competition is difficult. For example, before Liam's Hunger Games succes, he auditioned to play Thor in the film Thor... but his brother Chris got the role!

A great future
There's a final instalment of the saga in 2015, before Liam says goodbye to Gale for ever. But with his fantastic CV, he's sure to continue being succesful. Liam is ready for new battles... the only danger is competition from his brothers!

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