Thursday, February 19, 2015

Writing 4

Write about plans for a visit

Hi Marco
I'm just writing to check that everything's OK for your visit.

I think you'll like Banyoles. On Saturday morning we're doing a quickly tour with my best friend on foot because at 12:30 we are going to meet my family and cousins on the other side of the lake where we are going to do something really special that I can't tell you! We will probably end the activity around 16:00. During the afternoon I hope we can have a free time break and after that I've thought we could get a bus and go to the cinema.

On Sunday, we can go and visit Girona, where now there's a cain of fair and it's really nice. We can go for a walk around the city and have lunch there, there's a sushi restaurant you will love!

We're going to meet you at the bus station tomorrow, so can you remind me what time your train gets in?

Looking forward to seeing you.

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