Thursday, February 19, 2015

7. A short story: a surprise party

When I turned 15th my friends prepared me a surprise birthday party, and I had no idea about it.
The day before my 15th birthday I went to have lunch at my friend's house, and suddenly, when I finished eating, my mum called me to tell me that they were driving to Girona for some important shopping but she'd forgotten to give me keys and there wasn't anybody who could bring them to me. I got angry with her because that weekend I had a lot of school work. At about 6 o'clock my mum sent me a message saying that they were already at home, and when I arrived everything was full of balloons, food, "happy birthday" decorations, etc. My parents told me that I had an hour to get ready. When I came downstairs after an hour, all my friends were there singing "Happy birthday".

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